Jempak engages in sustainable practices on the Environmental, Economic and Social fronts.


  1. For renewable resources
  • JemPak encourages the re-use of materials and packaging whenever possible.
  • Reviewing resources from which to get materials to ensure supply and economic advantage.
  • Uses raw materials such as PKO grown in large quantities and annually replanted.
  1. For Waste
  • Constantly looking at new and improved technologies that lessen environmental impact.
  • Developing processes that lessen the need of additives and reduce manufacturing time, cost and waste.
  • Work together with local authorities to treat, test and audit any waste that is produced.
  • Find new end uses and users for by-products that may be utilized and reused by others.
  1. For non-renewable resources
  • Developing new methods / processes of manufacture in some cases eliminating the use of unsustainable chemical additives.



Being fiscally responsible and maintaining a sustainable growth is the norm for all stakeholders in Jempak. Fostering new relationships, processes and expanding our innovative capabilities have shown remarkable quality and service for customers, returns for our employees and investors.


We believe that innovation is driven by people within Jempak and those we deal with both suppliers and customers. Jempak does its best to ensure a safe and healthy communicative environment in which people can flourish and be: mentally, physically and financially productive.